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Digital Humanities at Dartmouth

I attended a part of the Symposium on the Digital Humanities at Dartmouth College. This was a day-long event that included a variety of presentations showcasing applications of technology in the liberal arts.

Some of the programs I learned about:

Project Bamboo: trying to figure out how to use technology and social media techniques to help with research projects.  I didn’t really understand what this was all about.

Dartmouth Dante project: a fairly straightforward compilation of commentaries on Dante’s Divine Comedy. The information is easily searchable, and contains material that is otherwise difficult to get to.

Variable D Salon: a weekly meeting of students and professors to discuss technology.

“Photo Fakery in the Digital Age”: a talk about digital manipulation, with some pertinent and amusing examples from current media. The speaker Hany Farid was very good, and is a professor at Dartmouth.

Archimedes in Bits”:  a talk about using imaging techniques to recover a lost text of Archimedes that was written on a manuscript that had been recycled with something else written on top. Website

And I didn’t go in this, although I noticed it parked on campus – but the Tiltfactor Playcube is quite interesting.

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