Recent Projects

SOFIA – Système Opérationnel Ferroviaire Interactif et Analytique

A system for managing railcars that are rented out to customers for transporting various products. This is a complete management system that includes customers, billing, repairs, budgeting, movements and reporting. Developed for use in Europe, it is multilingual (French, English and German) and multi-currency.

BMSI Human Resources System

A personnel management system for assisting with leave, vacation, and other benefit plans. It is designed to work with the BMSI Payroll System, and can handle complex types of accrual. A step and track table allows this system to be used by school districts, as well as municipalities or police departments.

BMSI Voter Checklist System

An election checklist management system that allows towns to maintain their list of voters.

Communications Committee home page Website: Communications Committee

This website was established for the Hanover School Board Communications Committee in 2008.  It was as an experiment to see how a typical blog could help manage a public committee.

Blog posts were used for agendas and minutes, and menu items were used for resources and reference materials.

Older Projects