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Syncing Google Apps calendars with iOS 6

For some time I had been baffled why my new iPhone 5 did not include my all my Google Apps calendars, even though my old iPhone did.  I went through the standard synchronization process, and still only the main calendar showed up in the list.

After seeing that many people had the same problem, I tried a variety of suggestions and found that the following works.

Create a new Gmail account using the Google Apps credentials.  Turn off the Mail option in the account settings, but leave Calendars and optionally Notes on.  Contacts are not available, so we will create another account for that. Use the new Google “Syncselect” website ( option to select the calendars that should be synced (Google support reference).  Only the calendars that are checked on this screen will be available in the Calendar app.

If you want to synchronize your Google Apps contacts with your iPhone, then create another Exchange account using Google Apps credentials.  Turn off the Calendar option, as that is handled above.  Turn on the Contacts option.  Turn Mail on or off depending on how you are handling your Google Apps email.  If on, then mail will show up in the iPhone Mail app, or turn off to use the Google Apps Mail shortcut app (which I prefer).

iTunes on your home stereo

Yes, you can connect iTunes to your home stereo system. Now I know it is easy to connect an iPod, using a headphone connector on one end, and RCA connectors on the other, but I wanted to connect my entire 200 Gb music library and have it available on the stereo, with good speakers.

I am providing a description below of a configuration that works. This is not to say that this is the only way to do it – but after some trial and error, this is what works for me.

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Firefly Cell Phone and Safety

I just received a flyer from Unicel offering the new Firefly phone targeted specifically to pre-teens. It looks like it has the right mix of features for basic use, with preprogrammed numbers only, and access controlled by a PIN set by parents. However, a GPS would seem to be a likely kind of thing that parents would want to have, and the phone does not have that. Also, what is the SAR rating? This is the Specific Absorption Rate, or the amount of radiation emitted by the phone.

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Getting practical about cell phones and cancer

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Posted by David Berlind

When the occasional coverage regarding the potential connection between cell phones and cancer crosses my radar, one thing I have noticed that these stories are almost universally short on is actionable information. One says there is a connection. One says there isn’t a connection. Another says the the jury is out.  So what? Given my options, what am I supposed to do with this information? Although it’s my opinion, I’m about to tell you what I’m going to do with it.  What you do is, of course, up to you.

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